December 8, 2013

German Language Skills Can Earn Students a Linfield College Scholarship

From the AATG-L listserv:

I am writing on behalf of the Office of Admission and Department of Modern Languages to share an opportunity with you for interested students to win scholarships based on their German language skills.

Each February, Linfield hosts a Competitive Scholarship Day program where students considering Linfield College as an option to continue their education are invited to take one of thirty subject exams designed by our various academic departments. One of these exams is offered in German and three students can win up to $20,000 (which must be used at Linfield).

The German exam scholarships are awarded on the basis of a written examination and an oral interview. The written exam will test reading, writing and aural comprehension. The oral interview consists of a 20-minute interview in which a student’s overall abilities with the language are assessed. The department selects those students who have developed their language proficiency to the highest levels in relation to the time they have been exposed to the language.

If you have students in your classes that you believe would be a good match for Linfield College, and would have potential for success in the German exam, please encourage them to submit their application for admission by December 9, and select German as their top option. Information regarding the application is online at

I hope this information is useful to you, and your students. If I can provide any additional information regarding Linfield College, including opportunities to study German, or our admission and scholarship process, please don’t hesitate to ask. Vielen Dank!

Hommel-Ingram, G. [AATG-L] scholarship information for Linfield College, Oregon. AATG-L listserv (, 3 Dec 2013).

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