April 28, 2013

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Posters Available for Download Soon

From http://www.tolerance.org/asian-pacific-american?elq=dbbd0481eba0493a9ace58a2e58b47e9&elqCampaignId=41

The I Want the Wide American Earth: An Asian Pacific American Story posters will engage and inspire students, regardless of heritage and family history. Additional online education resources include activities and lessons in social studies, creative writing, art and communications (http://www.sites.si.edu/asianpacificamericanposters/?elq=dbbd0481eba0493a9ace58a2e58b47e9&elqCampaignId=41 ) as well as an exhibitor handbook with instructions for mounting, installing and promoting the posters (http://www.sites.si.edu/exhibitions/exhibits/asianPacificAmericans/index.htm?elq=dbbd0481eba0493a9ace58a2e58b47e9&elqCampaignId=41 )

Look to download the posters at http://www.sites.si.edu/asianpacificamericanposters

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