April 28, 2013

Arabic Pronunciation Made Easy from Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages offers Arabic Pronunciation Made Easy. This free resource uses web-based voice comparison software to check whether your students are pronouncing words and phrases correctly. Topics include greetings, hobbies, weather, and others. Note that the recordings are in Egyptian colloquial.

The pronunciation exercises are available at http://www.rocketlanguages.com/arabic/learn/pronunciation

NCLRC Arabic K-12 Bulletin - April 22, 2013. (arabick12@gmail.com, 22 Apr 2013).


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  3. Do you really think I can learn arabic with Rocket Languages? I mean, I was looking for some testimonials but I'm not sure. This is one of them: http://www.myreviews.com.ar/rocketarabic/ but I still don't know what to believe.

    Somebody else who have use it and can kindly give an extra testimonial? I'd really appreciate it.


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