March 31, 2013

Mexican-American Studies Thriving Outside Regular Classrooms


Mexican-American Studies Thriving Outside Regular Classrooms
By Lesli A. Maxwell
March 25, 2013

From guest blogger Alyssa Morones

Since an Arizona law banned the Mexican American studies program in Tucson's public schools, classes of this sort are beginning to thrive outside of traditional classroom, reports The Los Angeles Times.

A group called Librotraficante, which means "book smuggler" in Spanish, has established several "underground" libraries across the country to collect and share Chicano and Latino literature. The group originated as a response to the law banning Mexican-American studies. The group raises money to buy books and open libraries in order to keep Mexican American studies alive.

Originally based in the Southwest, new libraries are set to open in less obvious places, such as Milwaukee and Louisville, Ky.

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