March 24, 2013

English-Learner Achievement Mixed in Big City School Systems


English-Learner Achievement Mixed in Big City School Systems
By Lesli A. Maxwell
March 22, 2013

The experiences of English-language learners in some of the nation's largest school systems vary widely when it comes to who teaches them, what types of language instruction programs are available to them, and how well schools do in supporting their progress toward becoming proficient in English.

In what may be the most comprehensive data collection to date on ELLs in urban school systems, the Council of the Great City Schools undertook an extensive survey of its member districts to capture a more complete picture of who these students are, how schools support them, and how they are performing. The full report is titled, "English-Language Learners in America's Great City Schools: Demographics, Achievement, and Staffing." The survey was done last year, when the Council had 65 members. It now has 67 members.

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