December 1, 2013

Pragmatics and Speech Acts Bibliography

CARLA recently updated its extensive annotated bibliography on pragmatics and speech acts. Focused primarily on the research literature, the bibliography is organized into two main sections: general topics within pragmatics and specific speech acts. The bibliography has over 1,300 entries and includes studies on first-language pragmatics along with research on teaching and learning pragmatics in a second language. See

Other resources on pragmatics and speech acts include:

Descriptions of Speech Acts
A collection of descriptions of speech acts as revealed through empirical research designed to help language teachers and advanced learners to be more aware of the sociocultural use of the language they are teaching or learning.

Strategies for Learning Speech Acts in Japanese
This interactive website is targeted at intermediate to advanced learners of Japanese. After a series of introductory exercises, learners progress through five sets of exercises to learn about and practice making apologies, compliments, refusals, requests, and thanks in Japanese.

Dancing with Words
Designed for learning Spanish speech acts, this self-access website contains an introductory unit, resource unit, and eight learning modules addressing different speech acts. Each module is self-contained and includes video clips, interactive activities, and models for self-correction.

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