December 29, 2013

Interactive Digital Book of Writing Prompts from MakeBeliefsComix

From presents its new free interactive digital book to encourage writing --Make Beliefs to Spark Your Writing.

The intent of Make Beliefs to Spark Your Writing is to let your mind roam to new places and ideas and express all the wonderful things that are within you. For example, make believe someone discovered a note you had placed in a bottle that washed up on the beach. What would it say? Or, imagine that today you’re going to do one heroic deed. What will that be?

To read and write in the book, just click on the cover. By doing do, you will download a PDF that will reveal a book of picture and word prompts to spur your imagination and stimulate your creative writing and thinking.

This book is formatted as an interactive digital journal or diary. It will allow you to write directly on your screen into the areas with lines on each of the book’s pages. When you are done typing, simply save the document until the next time you are inspired to make new entries. You also can print out any pages that you want. And, if you wish, you can send the completed digital book as an email attachment to someone with whom you wish to share your special thoughts.

Access the new digital book at

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