December 29, 2013

Arabic Learning Resources Website


Arabic learning resources is a website by a student of Arabic. From the site’s description:

This site features resources to help you learn both standard Arabic and the Egyptian dialect.

 The vocabulary lists include standard Arabic, the Egyptian (Cairene) dialect, and transliterations. You'll also find pages devoted to colloquial idiomatic expressions, proverbs, and sayings.
 The grammar lessons provide information on various topics such as pronouns, verb conjugations and tenses, and more, with examples to show usage. Most of the grammar information focuses on Egyptian Arabic, but some includes equivalent info for standard Arabic.
 The FAQ page provides general information on the Arabic language.
 The about page contains information about the transliteration scheme I use and other notes about this site.
 The links go to free websites with useful resources for Arabic language learning.

This website is available at

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