December 1, 2013

Online Latin Prose Composition Course

Montclair State University is offering an online seminar in Latin Composition during the winter break (December 20-January 17). Montclair State University welcomes visiting students. Below is a basic course description:

Latin Composition: In this seminar students will practice composing sentences (and hopefully short paragraphs) in Latin. In doing so, we will review advanced Latin constructions (subjunctive clauses, conditions, ablative absolutes, future passive periphrastics, etc.) and learn about the prose style of such famous Latin authors as Caesar, Sallust, Livy, and Tacitus. This course is recommended for students who have had between 3-5 semesters of college Latin. Current and prospective Latin teachers are encouraged to enroll. Upon special arrangement with the instructor, this course can be taken for graduate credit.

For further information about this course, please contact Dr. Mary C. English at englishm at mail dot montclair dot edu. MSU welcomes students visiting from other institutions and has special programs for high school students who wish to take college classes as well senior citizens who wish to return to school (either at the undergraduate or graduate level). Registration information for visiting students can be found at

Alvares, J. [Latinteach] Online Latin Prose Composition this Winter Session, Dec. 20-Jan 17th. Latinteach listserv (, 29 Nov 2013).

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