September 7, 2013

Nominations Sought for Matthew I. Wiencke Teaching Award

The Matthew I. Wiencke award recognizes excellence in teaching at the primary, middle and secondary school levels. Nominations are invited for this year’s award.

A nominee must be:
 a member of the Classical Association of New England,
 currently teaching Classics in a New England primary, middle, or secondary school, and
 nominated by a professional colleague (fellow teacher or administrator at the nominee’s school, or a classicist from another school who knows the nominee well in a professional capacity.)

Letters of nomination should contain evidence of the nominee’s qualifications, particularly those qualities exemplified by Matt Wiencke in his personal life and professional career, among them “his infectious wit, his boundless enthusiasm, his optimism, and his loyalty,” as expressed by Norman Doenges in his memorial published in the November 1996 issue of the New England Classical Journal.

Only those nominations postmarked by December 31 of the year preceding the next CANE Annual Meeting will be considered for that year’s award, which is presented at the Annual Meeting in spring.

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