September 6, 2013

Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Fall Conference 2013


October 17-19
Tinley Park

The ICTFL Board and Conference Co-Chairs, Alison Vrtis and Leslie Rathunde, are excited about this year's Fall Conference. The theme is "Diversity is Delicious" and together with our conference presenters, they’ll be offering you a wide variety of menu items to choose from. With the changes to Teacher Evaluations resulting from PERA that require documentation of student progress, ICTFL is working hard to be your Sous Chef. They're gathering the ingredients that Illinois language educators need to identify a students' language proficiency, provide coaching and teaching strategies to move students to higher levels and tools and resources to document student achievement. Invite your colleagues to join you at this year's big event and together equip your department to make the transition.

Visit the conference website to see the full schedule and to register:

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