March 10, 2013

California to Tighten Rules for Teaching English-Learners


Calif. to Tighten Rules for Teaching English-Learners
By Lesli A. Maxwell
March 8, 2013

California's credentialing board plans to expedite new rules governing intern teachers—those who came into the profession on alternative routes—in what will likely require them to take more upfront training on how to teach English-language learners.

The decision came after more than two hours of emotional testimony from parents, teachers, researchers, and charter school officials at the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing's March 7 meeting.

Ultimately, the panel accepted an outline of policy options crafted by its staff. They will be used to develop new regulations on intern teachers, with the input of a "stakeholder" panel. Those options, among other things, include issuing waivers, requiring intern programs to offer English-learner training before the teachers enter classrooms, or allowing them to take a test measuring knowledge of English-learner pedagogy.

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