March 31, 2013

Language Immersion Success: Invest in Teachers


There has been incredible interest in Chinese language immersion programs at the elementary school level. A decade ago, there were fewer than a dozen successful Chinese language programs in American schools. Now there are well over one hundred—by some estimates, almost two hundred. Immersion programs are some of the most robust and impactful programs and therefore are great places to look for models for the rest of the field. The intensity of an immersion program means that teachers need to be exemplars of effective and creative pedagogy, and parents need to be intimately engaged in supporting the learning process for their children. This week … Chris Livaccari has invited guest posts that focus on the role of parents and teachers, respectively, in the immersion context. While especially relevant for immersion practitioners, their lessons and perspectives are broadly applicable for teachers, leaders, and parents at all levels of instruction.

Read on for suggestions that support teachers from China who are teaching Chinese in the United States:

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