July 7, 2012

Cambodia Studies Conference

From http://www.niu.edu/cseas/conferences/cambodiaconf2012/index.shtml

Imagining Cambodia
Cambodia Studies Conference
September 13-16, 2012
Northern Illinois University

Imagine what is beyond a post-conflict society. How is the future expressed in dance, music, drama and literature, as well as in economic policy, social identities and political participation? How is the past re-imagined?

Seventy papers, drawn from a variety of disciplines, will explore the concept of ‘Imagining Cambodia’ on September 14-15. Two special topics panels, on contemporary Buddhism and modern choreography respectively, will supplement the 18 concurrent panel sessions.

Visit the conference website for more information: http://www.niu.edu/cseas/conferences/cambodiaconf2012/index.shtml

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