July 7, 2012

Book: A Learner's Dictionary of Kazakh Idioms

From http://press.georgetown.edu/book/languages/learners-dictionary-kazakh-idioms

A Learner's Dictionary of Kazakh Idioms
By Akmaral Mukan
Published by Georgetown University Press

Description: This unique learner's dictionary features simple definitions, literal translations, English equivalents, full example sentences, and grammar and usage for over 2,000 Kazakh idioms.

Idioms in this reference volume are organized into categories—the human body, food, clothing, color, number, animals, and nature—that best represent the topics on which language learners focus at the beginning and intermediate levels of language study. Five indexes make finding the idiom you want—by idiom, keyword, or expression in both Kazakh and English—easier.

Visit the publisher’s website at http://press.georgetown.edu/book/languages/learners-dictionary-kazakh-idioms

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