November 1, 2012

November 2012 Issue of Language Magazine

The November 2012 issue of Language Magazine is out and available online at

In this issue:

Improving Character Recognition in Chinese
Stephen Krashen argues that meaningful reading is the route to literacy, whatever the language

Accenting Improvements
Lois Spitzer examines the sensitive subject of accent modification

Stirring Up Passion
Alexandra Méndez advocates falling in love with language as the route to mastery

La Doppia Vita
Simona Montanari proves how an Italian-English dual-language program in Southern California is improving English literacy

Bienvenido a Mexico
Despite the hype, Daniel Ward recommends two of the safest cities in North America for Spanish immersion

Plains Talking
Holly Hansen-Thomas and Liliana Grosso explain how Project SMARTTTEL will use technology to help rural teachers train English Language Learners in Science and Math

Last Writes Richard Lederer hops in with Kangaroo Words

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